WELCOME TO Brewing Troubleshooters

Created and Formatted by Derek Scott

Background Functions and Water Chemistry/Theory by A.J. deLange and Adapted by Derek Scott

Extract Troubleshooter R&D/Testing by Bryan Rabe and Derek Scott

Brewing Troubleshooter Rollout - I've switch gears and am now offering 2 distinct brewing troubleshooters. One is used for Water calculations and pH estimation and contains the Generation II Algorithm by A.J. deLange and myself. The second is an extract calculator design to troubleshoot extract issues. 

Water Troubleshooter v2.01 - Added cells for Total Mash Buffering for reference.

Water Troubleshooter v2.02 - Added some features that slightly expand the sheet. Added the full source input section as well as Cation/Anion balance section, Alkalinity macro button, etc. Separated Source water and Mash water Ca and Mg. Added gneric base malt, cara malt, and roast malt titration parameters.

Water Troubleshooter v2.03 - Added back Na and K Meta

Water Troubleshooter v2.04 - Added some new features and reformatted.

Extract Troubleshooter (v1.00).xlsm Extract Troubleshooter (v1.00).xlsm
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Water Troubleshooter (v2.04).xlsm Water Troubleshooter (v2.04).xlsm
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